Thursday, June 28, 2012

Growing People

For me being a Kansas kid, anytime, I see what may appear dorky or a bit weird to most people about agriculture and farming strikes a chord with me. There has been a YouTube video posted recently by a few teenagers in Assaria, KS about farming. In case you haven't seen it, Google is so kind to make this a convenient click of a few buttons to embed this wonderful joy into this blog.

The next thought is what does this video have to do with leaders for tomorrow. Well, I'm always in search of a good analogy, example, non-example; whatever, it may be to draw a connection and this video provides just that opportunity. As educators we grow people. People of all shapes, sizes, densities, and colors will not only different outward appearances, but some much potential energy that's it hard to even comprehend the possibilities. Now those possibilities could turn into diamonds or could turn into a drain on society with educators carrying much of the materials needed to grow people. 

Growing people on the other hand is a bit different than crops and that true challenge comes from knowing just the right amount of independence or dependence a child needs in order to continually be challenged. The guys in this video have it figured out though. As in growing anything, it takes humor, knowledge of the topic and a willingness to take a chance a be a bit different.

I hope the best for these gentlemen and their future. This might just be the nudge they need to do even greater deeds for a larger world.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ideas and Education

Changes are definitely in store for educators across the nation. Education policy sets high standards for the future of the children in the U.S., however, there are differing views as to what is exactly the best way to go about reforming education. The evaluation process for example is under the umbrella of having a great revamp in how teachers and administrators are evaluated.

I'm not sure who doesn't want to see our students pushed and prepared for the future, but at the same time good people are possibly pushed away from becoming an educator.