Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Evening with the Colts

Tonight was the first night that I've hosted an event to gather parent and student input about hot topics at the middle school. The event was attended to the level in which I was guessing. It was scheduled only about a month ago and still had enough people in attendance to get some good feedback.

There are issues at the middle school in which I lead that are too complex to solve at just the building level. Bullying has taken on so much intensity and fervor that at times I feel the rational side of us is not willing to look at possible solutions. As educators we are left with sorting out information, which we do not always know is the truth. People may believe whole heartedly they are telling the truth, however, sometimes their information isn't based on what actually happened.

I'm education because I believe young people need a good start to their lives. They need help in going in a direction that will produce a happy and healthy life. I know students need adults in education that are well grounded in learning theories, democracy, and relationship building. However, it appears that the longer I'm in this business that people do not forgive easily and mistakes that happen should dictate how students will be from the present to the future. 

I however, do not believe that students will always behave the way they do as middle school students. There is so much potential in our youth that we set their future on events that happen when they are 10 or 12. 

I live in a small community and want to see the bright students return to help the community grow and flourish, however, in a world where those bright stars were a bit awkward as middle schoolers, blame sends them away forever. My advice: set goals and have a way to know if you are staying on track and to not give up - ever.